Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How To Root HTC Explorer Pico and Install CWM Recovery

HTC explorer pico is really a nice phone, not only by look also by performance. However there are some small problem in HTC Explorer like sound blast at higher pitch,but those problem can be solved easily.HTC explorer is a lucky model from HTC , so many developer out there who are working on htc explorer to make it more better.Today here we will talk about How to Root Htc Explorer Pico.

 Why to Root Htc Explorer Pico? Rooting is the second step of development or updating a device which comes after unlocking bootloader. So you have to Root Htc Explorer Pico if you want to install custom roms , custom theme, sound mod, multitasking mods on your HTC Explorer. We will bring all the update related to HTC Explorer Pico right here, but first things you need to do is to root htc explorer. Though there are different advantages & disadvantage of rooting, still rooting is necessary for each & every android device. So if you have determined to Root HTC Explorer Pico then read this guide carefully.

Warning : Rooting HTC Explorer will void device warranty, do at your own risk.

You have to Unlock HTC Explore Bootloader in order to Root HTC Explorer, so first let unlock htc explorer bootloader.

 How To Unlock HTC Explorer Bootloader

1. First of all Download HTC Sync in your Computer (Skip this step if you already have)
2. Create an account on HTC Dev.com
3. Log in with your account, then go to this page www.htcdev.com/bootloader
4. In the Right Hand side you will get an Option To Select your device, click on it – scroll to the extreme end & select All other Supported Model
5. Click the "Begin Unlock Bootloader", then follow the steps given to succeed in unlocking mobile phones. [Just Do whatever they say]

After Unlocking HTC EXPLORER Bootloader Follow the Bellow Procedure

 Now after unlocking HTC exploere bootloader, you have to install Custom Recovery. So lets do that :-

How To Install Clockworkmod Recovery On HTC Explorer Pico

1. Now Download this Clockworkmod Recovery For HTC Explorer
2. Create a folder on the HTC partition (C:\ ), and then extract the CWM Recovery.
3. Turn OFF your smartphone
4. Reboot your phone into the bootloader mode by pressing and holding Volume DOWN+Power buttons simultaneously.
5. Choose fastboot option from the bootloader menu.
6. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable.
7. Double-click the recovery.bat file to start the flashing process.
8. When the custom recovery has successfully been installed on your phone, disconnect it from the PC & Reboot your Phone.

** CWM recovery successfully installed on your HTC explorer. Now the last step is HTC explorer Rooting **

How To Root HTC Explorer Pico

1. Download This Superuser.zip
2. Connect your phone to your PC using the USB cable.
3. Copy the Superuser ZIP archive to your phone’s sdcard (don’t place inside any folder)
4. Disconnect your phone from the PC after the file transfer has been completed.
5. Reboot your phone into the bootloader mode. Press and hold Volume DOWN+Power buttons together and you will enter bootloader mode.
6. Choose Recovery option from the bootloader mode.
7. From the recovery menu, choose install .zip from sd and then select the Superuser ZIP file.
8. After it has finished installing the file, reboot your phone.

 If you face any problem while following this guide, use comment form bellow. We will try to help as much as possible.

That's it, you have successfully done rooting Htc Explorer Pico, now you are free to install custom rom on htc explorer, custom theme etc. Soon we will bring the latest custom rom for HTC Explorer , like Mozilla Firefox os, cynogenmod etc. Stay tunned with us to get all update. If you liked this guide on How to Root Htc Explorer Pico and install cwm recovery, then kindly share it & leave feedback.


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